We're SpotiAngels.
We invest in early stage start-ups.

The three of us, Katia Yakovleva, John Bonten and Axel Bard Bringéus, met in the early years at Spotify. We earned our wings in the tumultuous and formative years of chaotic hyper growth. Over the course of ten years, we literally poured our blood, sweat and tears into building what has become one of Europe's most successful tech companies ever.

Katia was one of Spotify’s first sales executives. She built out advertising sales both in Spain and in Germany, where she later headed up strategic accounts, generating millions of revenue for the company over the years. John and Axel built and ran Spotify’s expansion and markets team, which at dizzying speed launched Spotify across the world.

Katia and John have spent several years individually investing in and advising fast-growing start-ups such as Calm and Renoon. Axel went on to set up EQT Ventures in Germany, investing in and working with companies such as AnyDesk, before co-founding informed, a news platform.

Over the years, we were naturally drawn to advising, having supported over 20+ companies across Europe and the US. Three are stronger than one—that’s why we have decided to join forces and invest our capital, knowledge and experience as the SpotiAngels collective.

We know start-ups. We know them inside out.


How we invest

We've invested in various global start-ups across a very broad spectrum. We're particularly interested in consumer tech, the creator space, the future of work as well as Web 3.0. But mainly we invest in people and back founders.

Typically we invest up to 50K individually, or more as a syndicate. We share deal flow within the syndicate but can also invest individually.

Based out of Berlin, we are conviction based investors and won't waste your time with a lengthy process. We love people and as former operators we want to spend time with founders and founding teams and add tangible value through our experience and networks.

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